Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lab 1

Solder up a circuit that flashes an LED and runs off a 9V battery.

That's the whole lab assignment. It's up to you to design a schematic, find parts, choose a construction technique, and make sure the customer (your professor) is satisfied. Feel free to ask questions, but you must demonstrate a working circuit by the end of class today.

If you need help soldering, read the comic book.

Here are some quick pictures of some of the student-built projects. The first student to finish the lab built an emitter-coupled multivibrator, which I like very much.

Another student built a free-standing artful one.

Most students built a simple 555 timer on a piece of perf board, which was a good solution.

Several students built their 555 timer circuits in the "dead-bug" style, which I appreciated.

One clever student produced this variation on a ring oscillator.

All great jobs.

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