Monday, March 23, 2015

Post-Spring-Break Schedule

Today, March 23: Complete system block diagram.  Include at least ten blocks and a list of at least ten major parts.

Looking forward:
  • March 30: Complete schematic and parts list (design reviews Monday and Thursday).
  • April 6: Complete board layout (design reviews Monday and Thursday).
  • April 13: Final submissions (DipTrace files to Jay on Monday).
 Parts update: Recommended micro USB connector with board locks: TE Connectivity 2040002-1 (and by "recommended", I mean everyone should use this connector; and by "should" I mean "must").

Monday, March 9, 2015

More Design Project Ideas

More design project ideas (an improved list, in no particular order):
  1. Audio signal processing and LED visualization for DJ performance.
  2. Clock displays: seven-segment displays with TBD synchronization.
  3. Clock POV display with TBD synchronization.
  4. Hand sensors and interfacing to a USB human interface device (the glove).
  5. Interactive buttons (such as shirt buttons) for the EE Proto bulletin board.
  6. USB drive with RFID authentication.
  7. VGA-output Etch-a-Sketch.
  8. VGA-compatible audio visualizer.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Design Project Ideas

Gathering some ideas for the design projects:
  1. A complete drum machine box.
  2. An analog synthesizer voice.
  3. A digital synthesizer voice (like the Meeblip).
  4. VGA-compatible audio visualizer.
  5. LED-driver audio visualizer (light organ).
  6. Lecture demonstrations for Controls.
  7. MIDI control board (such as this Kickstarter project).
  8. Drone synthesizer (for example, Drone Commander or Drone Lab).
  9. Clock displays: LED/analog? Voltmeters? Metric time? POSIX?
  10. Clock synchronization: GPS, WWV, or WiFi beacon-frame timestamp?
  11. Interactive displays for the EE Proto bulletin board.
  12. RF signal-strength meters and an AM-band spectrum analyzer.

Homework for Monday

Here are the items you should be working on for Monday:
  1. Feedback on Lab 4 assignment and projects.
  2. Idea for Lab 5 project.
  3. Design Project Proposal.