Monday, March 2, 2015

Design Project Ideas

Gathering some ideas for the design projects:
  1. A complete drum machine box.
  2. An analog synthesizer voice.
  3. A digital synthesizer voice (like the Meeblip).
  4. VGA-compatible audio visualizer.
  5. LED-driver audio visualizer (light organ).
  6. Lecture demonstrations for Controls.
  7. MIDI control board (such as this Kickstarter project).
  8. Drone synthesizer (for example, Drone Commander or Drone Lab).
  9. Clock displays: LED/analog? Voltmeters? Metric time? POSIX?
  10. Clock synchronization: GPS, WWV, or WiFi beacon-frame timestamp?
  11. Interactive displays for the EE Proto bulletin board.
  12. RF signal-strength meters and an AM-band spectrum analyzer.