Monday, February 4, 2013

Lab 3

Reverse Engineering: Take apart and fully document a piece of commercial electronics (provided). Assemble a complete documentation package describing the circuit, components, and behavior of the object. Deliverables (as a web page):
  • Basic test results showing behavior
  • Block diagram of system
  • Bill of materials of all parts
  • Complete schematic of circuit
  • Working LTspice or Matlab simulation (matching the test results)
Here are some candidate objects, in rough order of complexity.

Danelectro FAB pedals (D-1 through D-6): distortion, overdrive, metal, echo, chorus, and flange.

Joyo guitar pedals: phaser, tremolo, and octaver (JF-06, JF-09, and JF-12); and Behringer guitar pedals: slow motion, tremolo/pan, and vibrato (SM200, TP300, and UV300).

Korg Monotron variants: Monotron Duo (two VCOs) and Monotron Delay (with echo).

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