Monday, October 26, 2015

Design Project Ideas

Gathering some ideas for the design projects:
  1. Interactive displays for the EE Proto bulletin board.
  2. Clock displays: LED/analog? Voltmeters? Metric time? POSIX?
  3. Time synchronization: GPS, WWV, or WiFi beacon-frame timestamp?
  4. LED-strip-driver audio visualizer (light organ).
  5. MIDI control board (such as this Kickstarter project) with interesting interfaces.
  6. A digitally controlled analog synthesizer voice.
  7. A digital synthesizer voice (like these boxes).
  8. A complete drum machine box (with sequencer and voices).
  9. Drone synthesizer (for example, Drone Commander or Drone Lab).
  10. Lecture demonstrations for Controls (PID box? SSE box?).

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