Saturday, February 7, 2015

DipTrace Tutorial Day

The class assignment for Monday (February 9) is to complete two tutorial projects in DipTrace. Before class on Monday, please complete the following homework:
  1. Get DipTrace installed on your laptop. See the Olin instructions here.
  2. Get the DipTrace Tutorial PDF file.
In class on Monday, we will complete the following projects:
  1. Complete the schematic and layout tutorial, pages 1 through 79.
  2. Complete a second layout of the "Astable Flip Flop" using only surface-mount parts.
    • Transistors: ON Semiconductor MMBT3904LT1G (SOT23 package)
    • Capacitors: 33uF  TDK Corp C3216X5R1C336M160AB (1206 package)
    • LEDs: Lite-On LTST-C170GKT (0805 package)
    • Resistors R2 and R3: 680 ohms (0805 package)
    • Resistors R1 and R4: 34 kilohms (0805 package)
    • 9V battery connector (use same through-hole connector)
Minimize the size of your PCB layout to save space. Save your second layout in a safe place when you are finished (we will get these designs fabricated as part of Lab 4).

After class on Monday, you may want to watch some of the (advanced) Video Guided Tour (should take less than 30 minutes). Make note of any jargon or concepts that you don't understand.

One additional project that we might get started, time permitting, is the layout of a simple microcontroller.  This design is based on the Arduino Micro, and you can find the schematic on their website.

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