Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lab 4

In Lab 4 you will complete the layout of several independent circuits. We will get these designs fabricated, and you will assemble and test the circuits in Lab 6. There are three circuits that you will lay out for this lab:
  1. The surface-mount LED flasher that you completed as part of DipTrace Tutorial Day. 
  2. A simple microcontroller board. One possibility is a copy of the Arduino Micro, and you can find the schematic on their website. Other possibilities can be discussed with the staff.
  3. An analog drum voice. Schematics will be provided in class.
To complete this assignment, you must deliver the following documentation:
  1. Simulations of the first and third circuits in LTSpice
  2. A complete schematic for each circuit
  3. A complete bill of materials for all the parts (including source, stock number, and cost)
  4. A complete layout in DipTrace (suitable for fabrication)
Lab 4 is due Monday, February 23.

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