Saturday, September 5, 2015

Assessment and Grades

Your grade in EE Proto will be based on three key self assessments, of equal weight:
  1. Your performance on each of the first six labs (equally weighted).
  2. Your success on, effort in, and "lessons learned" from your design project.
  3. A start-of-term statement of your own learning goals for the course, a middle-of-term revision of these goals, and an end-of-term assessment thereof.
Your own learning goals, and your assessment thereof, will take the form of an evolving, written assignment that you will develop in collaboration with the teaching staff:
  • A first-draft statement of your learning goals (about half a page, due September 17). Create a Google document and share it with the professor (at his Gmail account). Write a list of three to five goals that you would like to achieve during this course. Your goals can take any form as long as they represent your own interests and learning objectives for this course. For each goal, briefly explain in three to four sentences, what you hope to do or learn, how you plan to achieve it, and how you will measure success.

    At least one of your goals should be a "service" goal, that is, an effort to make the course better in the future.  Some examples: a how-to guide or instruction manual, a new assignment or lab for the course, content for the blog or course website, a course wiki, a new (electronic) display for the AC hallway bulletin board, etc., etc.
  • Goals down-select and revision (one to two pages, due mid term after Lab 6). From your first draft, pick your three "final" goals for the course (including one or more service goals). You may clarify, revise, or change your goals at this point. For each of your final goals, add a detailed description of your final deliverables and assessment plan. 
  • Final deliverables, as described in your mid-term plan (due end of term).
Your grades on the labs, design project, and your own goals will be determined and assigned by you, in consultation with the teaching staff. Your final (letter) grade in the class will be determined by the average of these grades, plus an upward-adjustment-factor, based on your class participation and possible extra-credit work (as determined by the professor).

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