Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Course Schedule

Here is a (preliminary) schedule for the lab projects:
Labs 1 and 2: due by September 14
Lab 3: due September 24
Lab 4: layout files due October 8
Lab 5: due October 19
Lab 6: due October 29
For the design project, the rough schedule is:
Project proposal: October 22
Architecture design review: October 29
Schematic design review: November 5
Layout design review: November 12
Layout files due: November 19
Boards back by: November 30
Final presentations: December 10
For your own learning goals, the schedule is:
Initial statement of goals: September 17
Midterm downselect and revision: October 22
Final deliverables: December 10
Some of these dates may be flexible. Some of these dates are not (when the layout files are due). Completing the labs and the design project will require some multitasking (particularly around Labs 5 and 6).

September 14: Labs 1 and 2
September 17: Initial statement of goals
September 24: Lab 3
October 8: Lab 4 layout files due (no slip)
October 19: Lab 5
October 22: Goals revision and project proposal
October 29: Lab 6 and architecture design review
November 5: Schematic design review
November 12: Layout design review
November 19: Layout files due (no slip)
November 30: Boards back
December 10: Final deliverables and presentations

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