Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lab Assignment Tracks

This offering of EE Proto has three possible tracks of laboratory assignments. You should choose a track to complete based on your interests and background. The three tracks are listed below, along with the necessary course prerequisites.

TRACK A (Classic EE Proto, prereq: PoE)
  1. Flasher tutorial lab
  2. OSH Park submission
  3. Commercial product teardown lab
  4. Micro-controller board layout
  5. Commercial product reverse engineering
  6. Micro-controller board assembly
  7. Design project
TRACK B (Op-Amp Circuits, prereq: SigSys)
  1. Flasher tutorial lab
  2. Nonlinear oscillator lab
  3. Sine-wave oscillator lab
  4. Layout of oscillators
  5. Filters or analog-computer lab
  6. Oscillators assembly
  7. Sound-generating design project
TRACK C (Advanced Circuits, prereqs: Circuits and Controls)
  1. Op-amp analysis problem set
  2. Temperature probe design
  3. Amplitude stabilized oscillators
  4. Layout of probe and oscillator
  5. Transistor voltage clamp
  6. Capacitive-load lab or PLL lab
  7. 50-ohm driver design project

Note that due dates between the tracks will be synchronized (for example, everyone in the class is submitting a circuit layout for fabrication in Lab 4 on the same day), and will be announced in class. The first six labs will be assigned about one per week, and the design project will be completed during the second half of the term.

PS: If you have taken EE Proto previously and completed Track A, you can repeat the course (as a 2 or 4 credit Independent Study or OSS) and complete Track B or Track C. Ask the professor for details.

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